Our products can be traced from R&D to production and sales. We know the source of every raw material and every step in the production process. Ensure that everything from raw materials to processing to final products is harmless to humans


Environmental protection

GRCN is committed to reducing the impact on the environment. Our products can choose base fabrics that meet the global recycling standard GRS certification (such as fabrics made from plastic bottles, recycled clothes, etc.).

The fashion industry, furniture industry and many other industries need a large amount of synthetic leather every year, but traditional PU synthetic leather is manufactured using DMF as a solvent. The process emits a large amount of toxic solvents, and these wastewater flows into nature and causes serious pollution to the environment.

However, GRCN’s waterborne PU leather use waterborne resin as main raw material, the production process is pollution-free and environmentally friendly.

Waterborne PU leather does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF, DOP, heavy metals, etc. It is the best substitute for animal skins and traditional solvent-based PU leather.


Maintain ecological balance

Using genuine leather to make clothes, shoes, bags, etc., peeling the skins of animals alive is cruel. It destroys the ecological balance. A large number of illegal hunting, rare animals are on the verge of extinction.

The use of synthetic leather can reduce harm to animals.



We have been developing new materials to include in our collection. We use waterborne polyurethane resin, waterborne leather surface treatment agent, recycled polyester, waterborne microfiber and other materials to make waterborne PU leather, which can ensure environmental protection and high performance.