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What is GRCN recycled leather?


GRCN Water-based recycled bovine fiber leather, which is made of recycled bovine fiber. It is different from traditional leather in that its base material uses cowhide scraps as raw materials. It is made by extracting the leather fibers in the cowhide scraps and using a special waterpower process and then coating finished by the waterborne polyurethane process.

Compared with traditional genuine leather, water-based bovine fiber leather is more environmentally friendly. It has neat edges, is convenient for cutting, and has a higher utilization rate.

The products can be widely used in sofas, bags, accessories, etc.

recycled leather
how to made recycled leather

How its made?

Step1: GRCN recycled leather uses recycled leather shavings and trimmings as base materials.

Step2: Leather shavings and trimmings undergo a fabrication process that shreds and upgrades them into fine usable fibers.

Step3: Leather fibers are fastened with high-pressure water jets rather than chemical adhesives.

Step4: After dyeing, coat waterborne polyurethane on the leather, and then use release paper template gives the surface a leather effect grain.

Step5: After final inspection and quality assurance, it is ready to be rolled.

Why use recycled leather as an alternative to traditional leather?

Recycled leather has all the natural benefits of traditional leather plus is more eco-friendly, less wastage, and higher utilization.

Traditional leather

1 ton of hides, generates only about 255kg of finished tanned leather. The remainder 3/4 of the ton is waste.

In the process of processing raw hides, a lot of chemicals and a lot of water are used. This polluted water will eventually need to undergo complex treatment and be discharged into nature. During this period, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources. Often, this sewage can’t get the most complete treatment, and it is discharged, causing environmental pollution.

recycled leather

GRCN Recycled Leather VS Traditional Leather Hides

Traditional Leather

GRCN Recycled Leather

Leather hides(at widest point): 914.4mm


Less wastage, more cost-effective

1400mm wide,Length is long.

Prone to scuffs and scratches.More durable – Scuff and scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.
Heavy weight and irregular shape, resulting in inconvenient transportation.The packaging is in rolls, which improves transportation efficiency and makes it more convenient.
Inconsistent texture – Made from hides that can be looser and more stretchable in the belly and flank areas and relatively tight across the backbone.Uniform texture -Made from leather fibers and given an artificial pattern for a consistent flawless finish and feel.
Inconsistent Color Shade -Each hide is different and has a unique grain texture. This results in the dyes and finishes penetrating the grain in varying degrees.Uniform color shade-Made from leather fibers, pigmented for consistent flawless color.
Can be fairly rigid limiting applicationsMore flexible and easier to sew.
Request special cleaning detergents and leather restorative products.Wipe clean with a damp cloth- No chemical cleaners or costly cleaning maintenance.
Leather is expensive, and it is divided into the first layer of leather and the second layer of leather, which requires the knowledge to distinguish, otherwise it is easy to buy inconsistent products at a high price.

Recycled Leather is a better value alternative to traditional leather.

Compared with Traditional Leather hides, the price is more competitive.

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