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Why GRCN Recycled leather can be better than traditional leather?

why recyceld leather better than leather

Recycled leather outperforms traditional leather in several key areas.



Compared with Traditional Leather hides, the price of GRCN recycled leather is more competitive.

Environmentally friendly

In the process of processing raw hides, a lot of chemicals and a lot of water are used. This polluted water will eventually need to undergo complex treatment and be discharged into nature. During this period, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources. Often, this sewage can’t get the most complete treatment, and it is discharged, causing environmental pollution.

GRCN recycled leather uses cowhide scraps as raw materials, coated finished with waterborne polyurethane. It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, such as DMF, formaldehyde, methylbenzene, etc.

Higher Utilization

GRCN recycled leather is more cost-efficient for many applications. Cut from a roll, not from hides for less wastage and reduced costs. (Recycled leather is supplied in rolls resulting in only 5% cutting wastage compared to up to 40% wastage for leather hides.)

Better for product consistency

GRCN recycled leather manufactured from leather fibers, so unlike leather hides, it has no natural defects and results in minimal batch-to-batch variation for a flawless finish.

Customizable Products

Bespoke colors are available plus various grains.

Reduce landfill costs and sewage treatment costs

Less wastage reduces landfill fees. GRCN recycled leather uses waterborne polyurethane as raw material for coating. The production process is environmentally friendly, and there is no toxic and harmful waste gas and wastewater discharge.

High durability

GRCN recycled leather has high abrasion resistance and high tear-resistant. It is suitable for luggage, accessories, seats, sofas, etc.

Easy care

Simply wipes clean with a dampened cloth, thereby avoiding the need for costly cleaning products and maintenance.

Protect Animals

To reduce the killing of animals, conforming to the policy of Animal Protection Countries and Organization.

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